Must-have product that will keep your pet calm and your car smelling good

Global animal nutraceutical expert, VetPlus, has launched a handy new diffuser for pet owners that will keep their furry friend calm and comfortable while travelling, and their car smelling nice too.

Long car journeys can be distressing for pets, especially dogs that are more prone to anxiety, which makes the latest product from VetPlus a must-have for pet owners.

The newly launched ‘On The Move’ car diffuser, which is part of its anti-anxiety CALMEX® range and is suitable for both cats and dogs, combines a unique blend of three essential oils – rose, lavender, and chamomile – that work together to reduce stress related symptoms, and smell good too.

The nifty product works instantly and can be easily hung up in the car in place of your usual air freshener.

Pet owners worried about travelling with pets can contact their local vet for more advice and to purchase the CALMEX® On The Move diffuser.  

Jackie Marshall, qualified vet and Technical Advisor at VetPlus, said: “Long car journeys can be difficult for some humans, let alone our dogs, who can become anxious and distressed when travelling for long periods. Our ‘On The Move’ car diffuser works by releasing essential oils into the car to help relieve some of that stress.”

For those planning car journeys with their dog, Jackie has also shared five top tips for keeping pooches, and everyone else, relaxed and safe:

Make sure your dog is comfortably and safely restrained

According to the Highway Code, dogs must always be suitably restrained when travelling in the car. Breaking this rule not only puts you and your pet in danger but can result in a fine of up to £2,500 or nine points on your licence. Make sure your dog is restrained using a safety product that meets FMVSS 213 child restraint systems standards.

Avoid front seat driving

Though not illegal, having your dog in the front with you on a long drive can be very distracting, particularly if they’re a larger breed. If you can, make sure they’re always safely restrained on the back seat so they can relax, and you can focus on the road.   

Plan ahead

We all know how busy traffic can get during rush hour or on [Bank Holiday weekends/half term/ the holidays]. To keep your own stress levels down, and your dog as relaxed as possible, try to avoid making long journeys during peak times and make sure to schedule regular comfort breaks at service stations or other appropriate spots.   

Keep anxiety levels in check

Car travel, with all its noises and motions, can be upsetting for some dogs so it can be a good idea to bring their favourite blanket or soft toy with you on your trip for some familiarity and smells that remind them of home.  

There are also lots of products designed to help keep your pet calm, including the ‘On the Move’ car diffuser from VetPlus’ CALMEX® range. This can be used alongside the CALMEX® supplement which is clinically proven to help with stress related behavioural signs.    

Avoid travel sickness

If your dog suffers from travel sickness, it’s best not to feed them before a journey or on any of your comfort breaks to avoid any unwanted accidents. If they struggle with this frequently, contact your local vet for advice before hitting the road as they will be able to prescribe anti-sickness medication.