New year’s eve: urgent vet advice for last minute pet owners

With New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest nights of the year, just days away, Jackie Marshall, qualified vet and Technical Advisor at leading veterinary nutraceuticals company VetPlus shares some last minute advice to help pet owners keep their furry friends calm during the fireworks and loud celebrations.    

Jackie says: “Seeing in the New Year is often lots of fun for us humans, but the loud noises, fireworks, and visitors can make it an overwhelming time for our pets.

“It’s best to get prepared early if you know your pet suffers with noise sensitivity and stress, but to reassure any last-minute pet owners out there, you can still take some simple steps on the day to help soothe distressed four-legged friends.”  

Jackie has shared her three top tips for looking after pets on New Years Eve:

Turn the music on

It may not be top of everyone’s playlist for the celebrations, but classical music can have the same soothing effect on our pets as it does on us, making it a useful trick on New Year’s Eve.

If you usually listen to a radio station at home, it can help to play this for your pet as the familiar voice of the presenter will provide comfort and reassurance. You can also create a calming playlist to play for your furry friend throughout the night which can help to mask the noise of any fireworks.

And remember to always make sure any wires from speakers or radios are well concealed from your pet so they can’t be chewed.

Create a safe space

Nothing beats spending New Year’s Eve with your nearest and dearest but having a busier than usual house can prove difficult for pets.

A quick and simple way to combat this is to make sure your cat or dog has a quiet, safe space they can retreat to throughout the evening. 

Fill this area with your pet’s favourite toys and bedding, alongside an item of clothing with your scent on it so that they are comforted by the smell.  If you can, try to make sure guests don’t enter this space so your pet can get some peace and it’s also a good idea to draw the curtains to filter the flashes of fireworks.

Try pet calming products

For particularly anxious pets, anti-anxiety products such as nutraceuticals and diffusers can help to soothe and relax pets at potentially stressful times like New Year’s Eve.  

Look for products like those in the VetPlus CALMEX® range, which contains one of the UK’s leading calming supplements, clinically proven to help with stress related behavioural signs in dogs.

The range also includes a fast-acting CALMEX® Diffuser which combines a unique blend of three essential oils: rose, lavender, and chamomile, helping to relax cats and dogs that may be suffering from stress and anxiety. This is best used alongside the supplement for optimum results.

When using the CALMEX® range, you can also access the premium features of the PLASID® app. This is a free app designed to provide training and behavioural support for cats and dogs. It includes videos from behaviourists, soothing music and tips to help calm your pet. Speak to your vet about how products like these can help your pets cope with events like New Year’s Eve, and for more information on the range, visit: