Volume Rebate
The amount of rebate paid on all purchases from the starting date of your annual agreement.
This will vary depending on the level of programme your practice is on at this time. The
practice agrees to accept the purchase data as provided by VetPlus.

Growth Rebate
The amount of rebate paid on all incremental purchases from VetPlus by the Practice over the
twelve month period from the start of the year versus the previous year’s purchases for the
same period.


Volume Rebate
Volume Rebate will be calculated and paid quarterly.

Growth Rebate
Growth Rebate will be calculated and paid annually.


  • Your rebate level will be decided based upon your MAT (Moving Annual Total) ending 30th June each year.
  • If purchases increase, practices may qualify for a higher discount in the following year.
  • Any practices who choose to leave the scheme or are taken over by a corporate entity will lose all rights to any rebates earned or due for that financial year.
  • All rebates will be paid by cheque and made payable to the practice in question.
  • All rebate payments will include VAT at the current rate.
  • All cheques will be hand delivered by the relevant Area Sales Manager and must be signed for by the person who initialised this programme i.e. Principal Partner or Practice Manager.
  • VetPlus reserves the right to amend this scheme with 90 days notice.
  • This agreement is for a period of one year only commencing 1st July and will automatically expire on 30th June the following year.
  • Any practice found to be an Internet Pharmacy in disguise or who supplies an internet pharmacy will have their programme cancelled immediately.