A triple purified omega-3 support supplement for dogs and cats.

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What are Omega-3 essential fatty acids?
Omega-3 essential fatty acids, more commonly known as Omega-3 EFAs, are a type of good fat, which has vital roles in the body.

Omega-3 EFAs are crucial building blocks of cells, promote healthy development and help with inflammation. Dogs and cats are not able to produce enough of these fats in their body, so they have to be taken in through the diet, which is why they are termed “essential”.

They are typically sourced from oily fish, krill, or algae for animals. Plant sources of Omega-3 EFAs are not useful in dogs and cats, as they cannot use the specific type of Omega-3 found in them.

What can Omega-3 EFAs help with?
Omega-3 EFAs can help to support different areas of the body. They can be especially beneficial for helping with kidney and heart health.

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